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Gloriousruin Counseling & Psychotherapy

Counseling. Psychotherapy. Consultation.

We are all broken (i.e., ruined) in some ways, but given the right perspective and psychotherapy,we can be GLORIOUS!


PhD (Edu); MA Counselling; MSc Cognitive Science; PgDip Psychology; BA (Hons) Education

A passionate lifelong learner, I started my career as a school teacher; followed by a lecturer at the university level (specialises in Educational Psychology, & Human Life-Span Development); then a counsellor and psychotherapist. With my latest training in Brainspotting therapy, I’ve helped many individuals face life’s challenges by journeying with them to understand their own emotional patterns and direct them toward making the optimum choices. With the right tools, I believe you can reach a better outlook on any issues that life brings your way. Don't let your past trauma hold you back!


Don’t know where to start? Give me a call on WhatsApp or email me to find out more or schedule an appointment.

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About me...
Dr. Gloria Kong




Do you find yourself driven by a part of you that you don't understand? For example, you are super driven and have a structured list of things to do, but finding yourself procrastinating until close to the last minute. Or, you know that you are competent in your task, but a well-meaning feedback can propel you into a state of intense self-doubt. These are signs of unresolved psychological trauma having effects on your daily life.
Brainspotting therapy might help!

Brainspotting therapy is a brain-body, neuroexperiential therapy that focuses on targeting, processing, and re-regulating the underlying subconscious scripts that unknowingly drive us to react with maladaptive functioning in life.


Your eyes are the windows to your soul.

“Where you look affects how you feel.”

- Dr David Grand


Do you, or someone you know, have difficulties with these...

  • Starting and staying on tasks 

  • Remembering things

  • Focusing on one task at a time

  • Following instructions

  • Holding back impulses

  • Planning steps 

  • Attending to details 

  • ... and the like.

Cogmed Working Memory Training may help!

Improved working memory will help to enhance other cognitive abilities and behaviour.


For as long as I can remember, I've struggled with intense emotions and feelings that had been building up since my childhood. Many people perceived me as hot-headed and quick-tempered, which not only affected my relationships but also my career.

Desperate for help, I turned to various religious counseling services, but instead of finding solace, I felt more triggered and frustrated. It seemed like a dead end. That's when I was introduced to Gloria, my last resort.

With Gloria's genuine and sincere approach, I finally felt heard and understood. Her counseling therapy required patience and openness, but it was worth it. She helped me process my emotions and work through past hurts and traumas, restoring my self-confidence in the process.

Gloria empowered me to become more independent in managing my emotions and feelings, equipping me with the tools to navigate life's challenges with confidence. The transformation has been remarkable - I've become a more joyful and positive person.

I'm forever grateful to Gloria for her guidance, support, and follow-up. She's been a true blessing in my life.

~Female in her early 40s~

My son was having difficulties coping with his studies and life away from home; after 4 sessions of psychotherapy with Gloria, he is coping well in his study and life in school.

~Mother of a 14 year old teenage boy~

Gloria has been incredible in my journey towards understanding myself. She helped me ascribe words to feelings which overwhelmed me, and in doing so, helped me understand the problems I went through. With her help, I have learnt to stay grounded even in times of trouble. It is truly Godsent to have met her and I am ever so grateful.

~Male in his early 20s~

Gloria is a skilful and meticulous listener, advisor and counsellor
She is sharp and patient in her call of duty, never getting ahead or lagging too far behind from her clients’ needs and problems. I like the way she sets targets for me to work on and she uses Brainspotting as a technique to expedite the processing. Most of the time I find it amazing and surprised by the impact. My mind and brain actually have so much hidden inside that need unpacking and throw or simply put at the correct places. Having gone through and still going through this therapy with her, it made me become more aware of the relationship between my subconscious mind and what and why I am thinking in a particular pattern in reality. This pulls me back to who I really am deep inside and gives me insights into the way I process information and perceive things which in turn affects my overall well being: emotionally, psychologically, mentally and spiritually. I feel more connected to who I really am and what I really need to do in order to overcome my personal challenges and issues. With her mindful guidance as well as prudence, I become more confident of embracing myself too.  
Lastly, I never knew that the coffee I used to “love” or can’t do without was actually a result of my feelings of disengagement, loneliness and sadness. I used to have the need to drink at least 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day, thinking that with that cup of coffee, it will just make me feel good and filled, it did not actually. In fact, after a few sessions of Brainspotting sessions with Gloria, I realised that I “quit coffee” all the sudden in a natural manner. Then it made me realise that I was addicted to coffee due to some lack in my emotional world. Now I still enjoy coffee as it is, but it is no longer a “to go for” drink. I learnt to look for alternatives and enjoy healthier choices of beverages. Imagine, how much impact Brainspotting could have on some other types of addiction! To me, I believe, and I know it will help definitely! 
Gloria is definitely a good guide (in psychotherapy) and life coach.

~Female in her early 40s~

Gloria provided a safe space for me to address the suppressed trauma that was affecting me. The sessions were effective in helping me deal with past hurts. The method which she uses, brainspotting, was much more effective for me compared to the usual counselling therapy which I went for prior. Thank you.

~Male in his mid 30s~

So grateful to have had my first experience with seeking professional help in the safe, affirming and effective therapy sessions Gloria offers :) When I first heard of brainspotting, I knew it was what I needed to undo the knots in my system that led me to live in constant stress, unhappiness and insecurity, and I can safely say that Gloria has made getting through these deep-set hurdles a much more efficient process with brainspotting.

~Female in her early 20s~

Looking forward to your testimonial :)

You can reach me at:

+65 88935486 (WhasApp/message)

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